November 7, 2008

Grace and Repentance: Do They Go Together?

Does the message of repentance fit in with the message of grace? If so, how?

During his earthly ministry, Jesus denounced certain cities for their unrepentance (Matthew 11:20-21,22-23,24).

And after saying those things, he went on to say that only the Father's gracious will can reveal the truth to people and bring them to repentance (Matthew 11:25-26,27,28-30).

Without true, genuine repentance, you cannot and will not be saved. But that repentance can only be graciously granted by the loving Heavenly Father's will. It is my desire to share the gospel with sinners, but without repentance, there is no salvation and no gospel. Oh, LORD God, that you would grant repentance to some poor dead sinners in this day by your powerful grace! Amen.


Phylicia said...

Hi Penn,

That was a true, good short little post. Too many people just half-heartedly 'get saved', but don't repent. I think this is because people are only doing it because they want to improve their life, like the 'abundant life' preachers tell them. They don't see themselves as sinful, so they don't repent.

BTW, I get the most referrals from your blogs. Thanks for the link!

Penn Tomassetti said...

Thank you for your comment! It is impossible for it to be false that for every person who accepts Jesus without repentance and living faith, there is no forgiveness or salvation, not until they do repent and trust Him.

"They don't see themselves as sinful, so they don't repent." You are right on! except I only need to add that they don't see themselves as sinful enough to deserve hell, but maybe sinful enough to deserve grace... but only that is a contradiction, bc grace cannot be deserved.

BTW, glad the traffic is flowing :)