January 21, 2009

The Attributes of God

God is out of this world! My desire to know God has been so blessed, as well as charged, as I've learned more about His attributes. Check out A. W. Pinks' study here: The Attributes of God. (You can either listen to it read by mp3, or read it on a PDF).


Stephanie said...

I've been looking for a new series to listen to and this looks great! Thanks! Does Arthur Pink cover Theology from a Reformed and (dare I say it!) Calvinist perspective, do you know?

Penn Tomassetti said...


Glad you found interest in this! Thanks for commenting about it and not just continuing on without saying anything!

A. W. Pink was a 'calvinist' preacher and writer, and this is probably his most often quoted book. You are welcome to share your thoughts here after listening to a few sections of the book, and let us know what you think.


Stephanie said...

Will do. I'll be away for a couple weeks but I hope to download and listen to these during that time so maybe I'll comment once I return. Thanks again!

Stephanie said...

I listened to the first 3 parts of the book while I was away. I didn't take notes, but I really enjoyed what I heard and a couple things stuck in my mind.

One, I appreciate how strongly rooted in Scripture this study is. Some of the more difficult doctrines to understand like God's sovereignty or election are not watered down or made more "emotionally" easy to accept - the author really tells it like it is. :) I was definitely led to worship, just pondering even a few of the amazing attributes of our incredible God!

One other point that I hung on to was that we need to be careful when interpreting Scripture. The author made the point that we can't just take a word and look it up in Webster's dictionary to understand it's meaning - we have to look at how the word is used in other sections of the Bible to understand it's true context - some examples of commonly mis-understood words could be "forknowledge" "world(ly)" or "flesh". Looking those words up in the dictionary alone could be mis-leading. So that's definetely some wisdom I'd like to keep in mind while studying the Bible.

Those are just some scattered thoughts, but I'd definitely recommend this book! Thanks again Penn.