June 4, 2009

How to Stand Up For Your Faith

This post continues my thoughts from the last post.

As Christians, we must always be ready to give a defense for our faith (1 Peter 3:15). But that does not mean that we must know all the historical facts about the Bible, how to explain science in accordance with Biblical revelation, etc. etc..

I believe we must always be learning more about how to defend the Bible in the face of intolerant liberalism using that kind of information. But what is the average Christian going to say to his unbelieving family members who accuse him of being "brain-washed"? What is the average Christian going to say to her co-workers who think she is being "too strict about her beliefs"? and the list goes on.

What better answer can you give than to simply reply:

I cannot do this, behave like that, agree with you, or be a different way, simply because Jesus Christ died for me. The Son of God, whom I serve and love and enjoy, gave His life for me, gave me the Bible by His Spirit, and has reconciled me to His Father. I know God my friends, and so I cannot change.

We have a defense, it is the gospel.

God bless!

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Stephanie said...

"We have a defense, it is the gospel"