September 2, 2009

Grace Abounding: Manoa's wife and Audio from York streets

It was interesting as I read Judges chapter 13 this morning, how the angel of the LORD appeared to Manoa's wife in order to announce to them the coming birth of their son Sampson, who would save Israel from their enemies.

After she went and told Manoa about it, he immediately prayed that God would send the angel back to them so he could question him. The interesting reason was that Manoa wanted to learn how he should raise this child. What an example this is for dads, that they too would be willing to get on their knees and beg the LORD for wisdom about how to raise their children!

However, it seems Manoa really wanted instructions from the LORD since he knew this child was special and would be set apart to be used by God in the deliverance of Israel. I believe he also doubted the LORD's word a bit, just like Zecharia did when the birth of his son, John the Baptist, was announced to him (Luke 1:18-20).

But the story kept getting more interesting as I read on... who is the angel of the LORD? and why did Manoa's unamed and intriguing wife humorously have to rebuke him for thinking they were going to die?... Read the story here, and post your answers in the comments. :)

IN addition to that, I've had some very good conversations on the streets explaining the gospel to people. Here is one example of a guy who was questioning the Bible as Matt and I talked with him in York, last night. (Also listen below). Grace to all!


Rita Martinez said...

THE Angel of the Lord is Christ himself, as we are told in God's word that no one has seen God(John 1:18), and that Christ is the image of the invisible God(Colossians 1:15).

Rita Martinez said...

I love it how even in the OT it was always clear that Salvation is/was/will always be from/of the Lord. Again we see another barren woman, whom by God's grace was able to bear a child; one whom was, before he was even conceived, destined to be the savior of the people of God, the Israelites.

oh and the answer to the 2nd question is Manoa thought they were going to die because they had seen God, The Angel of the Lord.

Penn Tomassetti said...

Rita! Thank you for your answers and comments. I agree, the angel of the Lord is an appearance of Christ Jesus himself. He even said His name is "wonderful."

On the second question, you didn't answer it... I asked why Manoah's wife humorously rebuked him for his silly fear. Can you guess?

Hint: Manoah's wife had more faith than he did. ;)

Penn Tomassetti said...

Or in other words, why was Manoah's fear of dying misplaced?

Stephanie said...

Hmmm...the angel of the Lord said, "Behold, you are barren and have not borne children, but you shall conceive and bear a son." In response to Manoa's fear, maybe his wife was thinking, how could we have a son if God were to kill us?!

That's the first thing that came to mind, but I think we need your answer. :)

Stephanie said...

So Manoah must have doubted the word of the angel of the Lord, where his wife had faith that what He said would come to pass...

Penn Tomassetti said...

I think you hit the nail right on the head! Isn't it funny how Manoa was so afraid of dying immediately after receiving news that they would have a son? It's like: was he even listening?? hehe... but we can probably find the same thing in our own hearts at times? and Manoa's unnamed wife definitely rebuked him because of her faith :P

"I love it how even in the OT it was always clear that Salvation is/was/will always be from/of the Lord. Again we see another barren woman, whom by God's grace was able to bear a child..."
Amen! I love that too!