November 14, 2009

Grace Abounding: Dominica Orphanage

During my trip to the Dominican Republic over a week ago, we visited this orphanage and school called Dominica.

The sad thing was that most of these kids were not really orphans but are the offspring of people who have had multiple sexual partners and/or use alcohol or drugs. It moved my heart to see the great needs these kids have, and not only them but their parents and people all around the world.

This made me think of the greatest need of all, the need for reconciliation and life with God through Jesus Christ His Son.

My brother, Lee, put together this video. He has posted this video, along with other video that he has and will be posting from our evangelism and missions at his You Tube channel called LiveBOLDLYforChrist.


Anonymous said...

Hi Penn,
Welcome back. I stumbled on a Santo Domingo missions blog and thought you might be interested.

Grace and peace!


Penn Tomassetti said...

Hey John,
Thanks. And thank you for the blog reference.
Grace to you!