June 28, 2010

Grace Abounding: Third upcoming evangelism trip to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

I will be traveling to Santo Domingo, DR, this Saturday (July 3, 2010) with a group of friends and family in order to help train others in street evangelism there.
I have never been to the Dominican Republic in the summer time, but they say it is going to be HOT... so please keep us in prayer.
Some things to pray for:

- God's powerful grace working in our lives to preach the good news of the cross of Christ to all kinds of people there in Santo Domingo.

- God's powerful grace to keep us faithful and holy.

- That the fellowship we have with each other and with other Christians would be Christ centered and edifying to all.

- That the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, who died and rose again in the flesh on our behalf, would glorify His Holy name through us, His feeble servants.



Angela said...

Awesome! When are you going? My roommate will be living in Santo Domingo teaching at a Christian school for the next two years. I will be in Haiti at the end of July/ early August.

Penn Tomassetti said...

I'm sorry I forgot to say we are leaving on Saturday. :P

Wow, really! When is she going there? You will have to remind me when you go to Haiti so I can pray for you. That is exciting. May God bless you and your roommate.

Angela said...

Um she should be there now..I lied though she will actually be in Santiago. I will be there end of July/ early August. Thank you, prayers are definitely needed! Have a great trip!