June 1, 2008

Grace for the Homeless

A dearly beloved brother came back to Philadelphia today (I won't mention his name, but if you read this, brother, just know I'm sharing it with joy). He had been traveling around the country for the past few months visiting various shelters and ministries. He is homeless, but has been taken in by a gracious family. He has been looking to Christ through all of his trials and loves the Word of God. More good news was that today, he received a letter that his late father had left him all his life insurance money. After his father died, his name was not on the will, so he was disheartened, until now. So perhaps this is the end of his long history of homelessness. The believers there were rejoicing with him, but mostly rejoicing to see him again. We had, what I believe to be, a Spirit filled prayer meeting and Bible study. God's grace is powerful.

Note: the ministry I labor with in W. Philly is not a homeless ministry, but an evangelistic ministry. We are not your typical anything, just a few sinners looking to Jesus for everything.

Rejoice in the Sovereign grace of God with me! Grace, grace!

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