June 23, 2008

Have you studied Romans?

The book of Romans was called "the greatest letter ever written" by John Piper and probably many other preachers. I have been studying it verse by verse since February for my teen Bible study held in West Philadelphia. My desire is that they learn to understand the gospel from this book, and so learn to understand the message that the rest of the Bible proclaims.

Our studies may be read here

Oh, how I need prayer in all of this!
Thank God for all He has done in sending His precious Son. Grace and peace.


Kaysie said...

I'll be praying! I know what it is like to need wisdom and grace for leading a Bible study. :)
Romans is an awesome book!

Penn Tomassetti said...

Kaysie: Thanks! Everything I do is dependent on God, so I need prayer. Romans is close to my heart, because God used this book to open my eyes to see my need for true faith and salvation.