July 29, 2008

From Genesis to Grace

I started this blog as a resource to learn of the great power and abundance of the grace of our Almighty Creator. So far, I have tried to direct everything to that end. However, as I am studying the book of Genesis, I don't know if I really am able to write accurately about man's horrible fall and God's magnificent grace, without first learning about creation. To anyone who has never studied the book of Genesis, or who has not learned about the wonders of creation from God's word, it may seem to be a very insignificant and unimportant place to start. I am increasingly convinced that it is not. The first two chapters of Genesis almost make me shudder into convulsive spasms when I think about what a perfect paradise this earth was when God first made it all - it was beautiful! Before sin entered into the world (Rom. 5:12), the earth was the perfect place to live, but now it is basically "going to hell."

Though I cannot begin to describe it, I do want to encourage any serious grace man or woman to make it your aim to get familiar with Genesis 1-3, and to check out some good resources on it. The significance of it all, is that it puts everything else the Bible says in a proper perspective. So with Genesis 1-3 in mind, the topics of sin, judgment, mercy, the love of God and grace through Jesus Christ, all fit together to paint the perfect picture of the glory of God through Jesus Christ as He reconciles *lost,* *sinful* and *justly condemned* people to Himself. It puts in perspective the amazing birth of Christ, His death on the cross, and the significance of His resurrection on Sunday as the start of a *new creation*. Whatever it takes, do not miss out on what God is doing in His world!

Below is a list of resources to help get you started. I have included my own current ongoing studies of Genesis 1-3 (on my other blog) as the first resource (if you are already familiar with these sites or this topic, then please feel free to leave your helpful comments and feedback - thanks):

If you don't do any digging for yourself, you will never experience the thrill of finding hidden treasure, so go ahead and jump into your Bible!


jeleasure said...

Sorry, I don't have time to stop and read. I have been working on my award presentation. Come to Arte Y Pico
to receive yours.

Eric Novak said...

One thing I noticed about the first part of genesis (and a little from revelations too) is that even though we were the humans to fall Satan was the first one to sin. Humans may be sinful - choosing the wrong choice, but they are not the originators of sin.

(I'm not sure what that means exactly, we still need a savior but it is just interesting :P).

RYC: Hmm, yeah. That is a good point too. Some churches focus on church attendance more then they do on Christ. That is just messed up thinking. :S

Penn (Chief Sinner) said...

You got the comment links to work! How did you do that? Thanks for the offer, I will check it out a little later.

That is right that Satan sinned first. It was Satan's craftiness that messed with Eve's head and resulted in Adam's sin. You know in Genesis 3, Adam answers God first, even though he was last, then Eve, then Satan. Adam passes the blame to Eve, then Eve passes the blame to the Serpent.

Those are some important things to think about. Thanks.