October 15, 2008

The Good News of Love in Galatians - 10 min. or so

Pastor Mark in Philly asked me to speak for a few minutes before his sermon on Sunday. He has been preaching from Galatians, so I said something about the love of Christ in Galatians.

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Angela said...

You did a good job, Penn. I am actually reading a book on the life of Paul right now. His conversion story is incredible.

Penn Tomassetti said...

Thank you for listening Angela. It is so clear that Paul's conversion was Sovereignly predestined by God to be an example for people like us who would seem to be so far from hope. (1 Timothy 1:15-17).

gentle john said...

Thanks for the good news Penn. I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother, but happy that you were able to share the gospel with your relatives.

Gentle John

Penn Tomassetti said...

Brother John! Thanks for the comment. Keep me in prayer, I need to come to Pittsburgh again soon to get refired up to go to the nations with the help of the prayers of the saints in Pgh.