October 30, 2008

Still Ain't Too Late to Hear All of Grace for Free!!!

I am trying hard to refrain from spewing out threats to anyone who has not yet downloaded this book for free: All of Grace by Charles H. Spurgeon. I already listened to it in the car to and fro my work. It is well worth every word Mr. Spurgeon prayed over and took his pen in hand to write.

Go ahead and download it before the month is over... there is still one day left! :)

P.S. And I would love to hear what people think who have been listening already. Thanks, grace to you!

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Phylicia said...

Okay, okay, maybe I will download it, since you are uttering such threats! I am so mad right now though because I only have a radio in my PT Cruiser, no cd player. So I have to listen to whatever is on there on my way to work. That has been good in some ways though -- I heard the author of "Respectable Sins" speak yesterday and it was amazing!


Phylicia said...

Alright, I just downloaded it. That was a cool site! I am going back there again.

BTW, I have been posting on flirtation lately, what do you think of it?


Stephanie said...

I've listened to Parts 1 and 2 and I really want the book now because there are a bunch of quotes I need to write down!! So good. Do you know if there is a deadline for ordering the paperback for free?

Penn Tomassetti said...

Hey Grace to you Stephanie, because this is what the inside flap of the catalog I order from says:

"Everything you find listed in this catalog is available free of charge in the USA and Canada in reasonable quantities (see box below) and will be mailed to you postage paid upon request... [the box below says] FREE LIMIT in the USA and Canada: ...For free orders, there is a maximum of 20 literature titles, or 10 cassette tapes, or a combination of both, and a limit of up to $20 per order, once per month per household."

Okay, to make it simple, that just means that you can order anything below $20 value from Chapel Library once per month if you live in the USA or Canada. That is what it means... there is no deadline on this, I order from here about once a month for tracts and booklets to give away.

Penn Tomassetti said...

That's great you downloaded the book, even if you can't listen in your car. It really is worth it, thanks for letting me know.
I'll have to check your post on flirtation before I let you know what I think, thanks.

That is great you were able to listen to the first two parts already! I'm glad you are able to benefit from it.

Stephanie said...

Hey that's awesome! I'm bookmarking that site. Thanks for letting me know.

Stephanie said...
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cj said...

Hey Penn, sorry I haven't done that tagger thing yet, I've been very busy lately and to be truly honest I forgot(sorry!). Anyway I will get around to doing it very soon:)

In his hands

Phylicia said...

Hi penn --
Question: how do you record yourself for the podcasts on your other blog? I give some speeches to a group of girls and I might want to record them to go with my posts.

Penn Tomassetti said...

Ok... its in His hands though, so don't worry if you got other stuff that is more important. :)

I bought a little hand held voice recorder. They cost about $60-150 at any electronics department. You could probably buy one for less online. That is what I use away from home. At home I use Audacity which you can google and download for free. You can also edit (cut and adjust) your voice recordings in Audacity and convert them to mp3's. If you have trouble with this kind of work, you can email me your questions, and I'll be happy to help.

God bless,