April 28, 2009

Grace Abounding: Memorizing Scripture in Tongues?

A few years ago I memorized all of Romans chapter 5 in the ESV version. Since then, I didn't do a lot of memorizing whole chapters (except for Psalm 119, which I never did get past verse 40), but spent a lot of time studying other areas of interest.

In the past year, I began learning to speak in tongues. I started with the Spanish tongue as a result of meeting many latino people in Philadelphia who speak very little English. I am now able to say a few things to them and share briefly about the gospel with them in their own language.

I have now begun memorizing Scripture in Spanish in order to help me learn to speak it and to witness. Currently I have been working on Romans chapter 1, and am up to verse 17 (soon to begin the second half the chapter on the doctrine of total depravity). What a chapter! I can't wait until I can use it to witness to people on the street. I was in Pittsburgh this past weekend, and the vision to get the gospel out to the nations just flooded me with fresh excitement.

So if any of you have memorized Scripture in another language: 1. What different languages have you memorized Scripture in? 2. What verses did you memorize? and 3. For what reasons?

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check this out... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lH9hZ8BjIwc