May 25, 2009

A Poem: Born Blind

A Poem I wrote, which I found while cleaning my room today, so I adjusted it a little and here it is:

Born Blind

Born blind like the beggar
not knowing the light.

Secret hopes and heartaches
in hidden darkness for a night.

Cold winds and icy hearts
could not lift the veil.

Skilled entertainment arts
amused, but wouldn't fill the sail.

Cuttin' wood to burn in parts
carving the rest like baal.

Flowing from Adam's seed,
the fruit of death its reward.

Without recognition of a need,
destined for fiery wrath and sword.

Until one righteous man
was shown to be Son of God.

Fulfilling all His Father's plan
His word hit like a lightning rod.

Abasing pride,
the lowly lifted.

When He died
then faith was sifted.

And when He rose
then did He shine,

and some He chose
to witness the sign.

Told to go and tell
glad tidings to this earth.

Redeeming some from hell
by this gift of the new birth.

Then my eyes were opened,
first time I saw.

My hardened heart was softened
so the blinding scales could fall.

There in a shining light
stood my LORD of glory,

Who gave me first sight,
so begins my story.

The New Birth is a Miracle of Grace, free, undeserved, unearned and given to those who are helpless to help themselves. Cry to Jesus Christ. He lives.

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