October 20, 2009

Grace and Understanding Justice

Proverbs 28:5 says, "Evil men do not understand judgment, but those who seek Yahweh understand all."

Men controlled by evil (Rom. 1:28,29) do not understand judgment.
They don't understand what is just, righteous and absolutely morally correct.
They don't understand that which is opposite of their own evil,
they don't understand that which condemns their ways and thoughts.

They do not understand God as just and holy.
They don't understand the offense of sin and unbelief.
they don't understand right versus wrong,
judgment versus rebellion.

Those who love another god do not understand justice.
They don't understand the fall of unbelieving man,
pain, suffering, death.
They don't understand wrath,
the fire that burns injustice.

But those who seek Yahweh,
the Maker of heaven and earth,
understand all.
They understand their sin,
they understand the fall,
they understand the judgment
they understand hell.

They understand the Son of God and Son of Man.
They understand the cross of calvary.
They understand the propitiation of the Savior,
the suffering, the death, the burial,
the substitution, the satisfaction.

They understand the resurrection,
the need for a new birth,
the reconciliation and life everlasting.
The mercy and justice that provide forgiveness.
They understand because God's grace has taught it to them (Titus 2:11-12,13-14).

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