September 15, 2008

Grace Abounding on My Brother's Birthday

[2003 - on the day I ended my first car relationship]

Today is my younger brother's 22nd birthday... so Lee... happy birthday!

I wrote this on his card: "In Christ are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. - Colossians 2:3"

I am truly grateful for such a friend, as well as for each member of my family.


Rita Martinez said...

awww love the picture!
Well your brother doesn't know me but tell him I said Happy birthday! hope he had a great day and may the Lord continue to bless him with many more birthdays to come! :D

penn (chief sinner) said...

I'll tell him... Thanks. :)

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Lee!

It's awesome that you're so close with your siblings, Penn.