September 8, 2008

A prayer from my early days of being transformed:

This is not Scripture, but I was thinking of how Psalm 119 had influenced me so much in the past, as I was just beginning to understand God's Word back in 2003 or so. The bridge photo is where I walked every day during my first year in Pittsburgh, often praying as I passed over the river. I was 19 years old then, and I actually found verses from Psalm 119 written on one of my old notebook pages (I may scan it later and stick it here). Here is one of my prayers I found written waaaay back then:

O Lord, how majestic is your name?
No one knows my heart like you,
they don't believe me when I speak.
When I was in trouble, I called out to you,
and you answered me with your love.
The world is full of confusion,
though you perform miracles right in front of them,
they do not understand.
Through faith you came to me,
through hope you healed me.
But through your great love, you saved me.
How can I bear to disobey you?
Surely your will guides me,
and my heart rejoices along your path.
When you shone your light on me,
I saw my sins for what they were.
Who can see in the darkness without a light?
As surely as light contrasts dark,
righteousness contrasts sin.
Through your righteousness, I saw
the light of life.
Such a great thing cannot be hidden.
To speak of your great love,
is to speak all I know.

[There was no date on this page, but I think I was being influenced by certain Psalms when I wrote this?]


Rita Martinez said...

"Through your righteousness, I saw
the light of life."
Well I say it does sound like something I would read in psalm 119:

"Behold, I long for your precepts; in your righteousness give me life!" v.40
Only one is asking for God to give him life in His righteousness...and the other one is proclaiming to have seen the light of life through God's righteousness...

That was a lovely prayer, I like writing my prayers down, I don't do it all the time though.

Penn Tomassetti said...

thank you for your comments and for that verse from the Psalm. You fit those two lines together really well. I don't write my prayers that much any more either. When I go back and read stuff I wrote from that time period, it really moves me, because I went through such a dramatic change and sincere repentance, and I am continually AMAZED at the grace of God toward me. I cannot do anything but worship my Savior.

Rita Martinez said...

Amen! I know exactly what you mean. :)