September 16, 2008

New Stuff: Logos Reftagger

I received an email the other day about adding the "reftagger" to my blog for Bible verse references. Reftagger is free from Logos Bible Software. I've seen other blogs and websites using it, but had no clue how to get it for myself until Dan, from Logos, emailed this info to me. I really appreciated it, so I am now doing what he suggested and spreading the news. Check it out for yourself. (I have also rearranged some things on my sidebar, don't know if anyone notices or not, so just thought I'd mention it anyway).

Here is most of what the email said:

Just in case you're interested, you can add it to your blog for free.

You watch how it works and then get the code here:

There are already almost 2,000 Christian blogs using it. If you like it go ahead and put it on your site. It is really easy to add. Then if you want to help spread the word write a blog post about it! ?

...and if you want to link to the best Bible Software in the world, just add a link in the layout section.

Here are some links you might want to add:

Logos Bible Software Blog

Bible Study

I hope you like the Bible reference tagger, it will work automatically for your blog once you add it. It will make every Bible reference you type from now on automatically linked, and it will also take any Bible reference you typed on any old posts and automatically link that too!

If you want a tutorial on how to add it to blogger, go to the post here:

Here's an example of how it works (I took out the Bible quotes and left only the verse references):

"III. Who are they that are to be saved by grace?
I COME now to the third particular, namely, to shew you who they are that are to be saved by grace.
1. Not the self-righteous; not they that have no need of the physician: The whole have no need of the physician, said Christ (Mark 2:17). And again, ( Luke 1:53)."

- John Bunyan, Saved by Grace (Old Gospel Paths Press), pg. 36.


Rita Martinez said...

thanks so much for this! I always wondered how they did that, I'm so adding this in my blog as well :)
By the way loved the photos/slideshow thingy, there are some really great pictures in there, love the ones with the spider and flowers and the tulips one! beautiful! and the picture of your morning coffee, yum!(do they have Nescafé over there?)

Penn Tomassetti said...

You are welcome! I'm glad that you can use it, too.
Thanks for viewing my pictures. :) I'm glad to see that you also enjoy photography under your "Art" section.

I never had Nescafe... but I was surprised when I found their website just now and read all the good things they have to say about coffee. ;) This made me laugh, they knew all the reasons I drink coffee:

"Coffee and your Body
• How coffee helps you to improve performance
• How coffee helps your endurance
• How coffee helps reduces the sensation of tiredness

Coffee and your Mind
• How coffee and caffeine have the ability to enhance our short term memory and mental performance
• How coffee helps to improve alertness, attention and your learning abilities
• How coffee helps your energy

Health and Coffee
• How antioxidants, present in coffee, help protect against free radicals that are implicated in cancer, heart disease and ageing
• How coffee consumption decreases the risk of diseases such as Parkinson's
• How coffee plays a positive role in liver function"

Rita Martinez said...

see I knew coffee was good for me! lol :P
nescafé is great, but I only have it when I go to hospitals who have the nescafé coffee machine, actually I only drink coffee at whatever hospital I'm at, never at home.
"I'm glad to see that you also enjoy photography under your "Art" section." thanks for visiting my deviantArt page :) I do enjoy photography very much(I'm not as good as I'd like to, but its just a hobby), ever since I got my first camera (it was a Canon Prima film camera..very old) I still have some rolls of undeveloped film from those times...

Penn Tomassetti said...

My friend and former roommate, Ed, used to be really involved on DeviantArt. I think he was a moderator for something. I joined and posted my Jonah and the Great Fish illustration a long time ago, but never did anything on there after that.

I love your photos... they all look great. I could tell you really enjoy it.
I'm no pro either, but photographs are pretty much all I work with every day at work. I don't shoot them, I manipulate them... though sometimes I get asked to be the camera guy for some small thing here and there. My photo collection is a mixture of ones I took and those that others took and let me keep.

Penn Tomassetti said...

Oh, yeah... and I wish the coffee I drink at work tasted as good as you say Nescafe does, because I feel like the desperate people who used to come to the coffee shop I worked for in Pittsburgh. They were almost pleading for coffee that didn't make them winch when they took a sip :{

Rita Martinez said...

"I love your photos... they all look great. I could tell you really enjoy it." thank you.

"Oh, yeah... and I wish the coffee I drink at work tasted as good as you say Nescafe does," well I'd tell ya to buy the instant one but it does not taste the same at all...why is the coffee at work so bad?

penn (chief sinner) said...

The coffee at work isn't as bad as I think, I shouldn't be complaining. Most of us at work don't like to drink it if it isn't a fresh pot. We sometimes joke about it.